Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Andrei's Accident

Last October 1, my very hyperactive son Andrei was playing at the stairs while carrying a blankie.. 1-2-3, bang! He tripped over the blankie and landed on the corner of the stairs which have 3 porclain vases. I immediately ran when I heard him crying. I was asking what happened when I saw blood coming out of his forehead!! I was in panic! I checked the vases where he landed and saw a 2 inch chip on one. I was so panicking, my stomach was getting hard, almost contracting. Good thing my uncle was here and calmly approached Andrei and covered his forehead with the blankie and checked the wound. I couldn't even look at it because I'm afraid of blood and I'm scared that if I see a real BIG and DEEP wound,I just might have a labor right there and then.

I called my mother in-law and said to meet me at Fe del Mundo Hospital in Banawe to have him checked in the ER. When we get there, the staff immediately assessed him and asked all questions necessary. Good thing it was just two small wound but it was deep so Andrei had to have 1 stitch on each. They say, there were many tiny particles of the vase found in the wounds.

When the ER staff got him on the table to clean the wound and fix him up, he started yelling and shouting and crying with all his might. He kept yelling "Pakalawan (Pakawalan) niyo ko. Please. Bebehave na ko, promise" . All the ER staff just held their laughter. May sugat na nga nagddrama pa! After 20 minutes of yelling, he still didn't stop. They even teased him that he was such an extraordinary boy. If he was normal, he would have been exhausted with all the yelling and crying for 5 minutes. But my little boy? He kept on doing it for 35 minutes!

After that, we went home and it's as if nothing happened. He was even proud of his bandage and boasted to his aunts "O, tignan nio ko. Likot ko kasi. May tahi na ko". Tsk, tsk, tsk... From the mouth of my babe.

I assure you, we must have been the talk of the ER and the hospital for days because when we returned after a week, all the ER staff --even the guard -- recognized him!

Here's a few pictures I've taken. (Well, what do you expect from a scrapper mom?)

(l-r: MIL holding him down, doctor, doing the stitch, the emo face, the wound, the wound afer 1 week)


Barbie said...

Oh, the poor baby! It must have been frightening for you. Thank goodness for your uncle. Don't worry, the energetic ones may always be getting themselves into trouble, but they always bounce back.

Lee i. said...

whew, khei. i'm glad he is ok, must have been a really scary experience for you both. ingat!