Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Little Princess

I want to share the first photo of our little princess... Everyone, meet Caitlyn Kirsten de Dios-Cuatico.

For me missing my 1st blogaversary and for our little girl I'll be giving away a humble RAK soon. I'll upload the photos and details in the following weeks. I have to arrange the RAK first. Hope, you check my blog soon for the details.



Candy said...

Congratulations are in order, Khei! May your little girl be blessed with everything wonderful in life!

Lee i. said...

congrats khei, she's looking pretty good. may you continue to be so blessed. :-)

Anonymous said...

welcome back, khei!

take care of yourself. and start hoarding girly scrapstuff! paper LO, ha :)

RoMeLy said...

hello, congrats! this picture reminds me of my baby alex when we had her 4d ultrasound. the feeling it gives is just unexplainable. :)