Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Awards

So late post... Got 2 blog awards...

From Timi...Mention five (5) addictions and pass on the award to five (5) other fab blogs!

1. pink dresses (for my lil bundle of joy)

2. scrapbooking stuff (hoarder!!!!LOL!!!!)

3. photos (mostly of my kids)

4. internet (especially Multiply for my online business)

5. Mad by Ne-Yo

And this one is from Chiqui...

The rules:
1). Post a link of the person who gave you this award.
2). Nominate 5 other people and give a link to their sites
3). Let your nominators know that they got an award from you.
4). Put a logo of the award on the blog

I'm awarding both these awards to:
1. Cookie
2. Candy
3. Lee
4. Cabbie
5. Timi


Gosh, so busy lately.... Busy with the new baby, school work and now a new 'baby'... hehe... nope it's not really a human baby... a new business... My friends and I are going to open an online store.... ETC Fashions on February 18...

So many things to do, so little time. I don't even have time to scrap anymore... Miss scrapping so much but I have my hands full... Hope I can find a good, trustworthy and not topaking yaya... Help nowadays are so hard to find... They are so choosy... Oh well, I'll try to upload photos and even try to scrap even one layout this month.... keeping my fingers crossed....