Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scrapping Goodness!!!!

After almost 5 months of 'hibernating' due to my pregnancy and school work, I finally have 2 full weeks to scrap and fix my new scrap space. All I did these past 2 weeks is shop, shop, shop.... I think I've spent more money scrap shopping than baby shopping... Hihihi... Hope dear hubby won't blog hop tonight or I'll be definitely get a BIIIIIGGGGG scolding.. Here's what I've restocked my space:

Saw this new stuff from All About Scrapbooking and I just couldn't resist. They're not so expensive like the imported ones.I grabbed some and hoping to try them out on my new layouts...

(stickers, ribbons, fabric flower, chipboard and bling)

These are foam sheets and letter foam stickers. Why I loved them: 1. unlike the AC Thickers, they don't lose their glue after sometime and 2. they cost less (Php 70). The only disadvantage is that you're stuck with one design or style and availble in 6 colors only.

These items I got from Zabeth...

I'm still expecting a few stuff in a few days.. So, I'll just post them when they arrive.

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