Friday, November 23, 2007

My Hidden World

When Lee announced this RAK I was so afraid to reveal my stash to the world! Since I only started scrapping full time last June I don't have much stuff. I literally scrap on the floor since I don't have my own space (imagine the backpains). Most of my stuff are kept in boxes, plastic bags and shoe boxes. I'm not investing much on storages since our dream house is on the way. (My own scrap space -- FINALLY!) I also keep my stash in boxes and plastic bags so my dear hubby won't ask me HOW MUCH I've spent on them (I'm sure he'll faint dead right away). I only have a few since I only buy what I'll use and my allowance isn't enough for milk and diapers and my hobby.

So Marj, thanks for this generous RAK. I had fun doing this.

Here's my scrap space.

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marjorie said...

hello khei! you are on your way girl..on becoming a hoarder..hahaha..thanks for joining! and goodluck! tc!