Thursday, October 23, 2008

Andrei's 1st UN parade

I'd like to share some photos of Andrei during his UN parade this morning. He paraded England's national costume... (actually England doesn't have any national costume but when you goggle it this photo is what pops out.) He was dressed as a footgurad at the Buckingham Palace (or is well known popularly recognized as the Nutcracker man)

I had the upper suit custom made just for him because England is not popularly selected during UN parades. The most common are Japan, USA, China, and Singapore. The sash was made out of foam that I bought from AAS (well, what do you expect from a scrapper mom?). The cap was made by my MIL out from an old calendar and wrpped it with the excess black cloth that was used for his costume. I wrapped it with black tassle to look like the photo I've downloaded from the net. I even bought him a toy rifle to complete the look.

The other parents and even our neighbors are so happy when they saw him and said that he really looked like a Nutcracker man from England... Here are some of the photos...

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